Vitamin D3 5000iu

Are you concerned that you are not doing enough to support your health, particularly during this worrying time of COVID-19?


Vitamin D3 supports immune function and current evidence shows that it can reduce COVID 19 deaths by up to 60%!


Vitamin D has been shown to reduce the complications of coronavirus infections.


Recent studies have shown that when given vitamin D, 80% of patients in hospital with COVID 1 were 80% less likely to require ICU


Find out more about Vitamin D  here


Evidence based product

High dose vitamin D3, 5000iU

Cost effective

Two months supply for just 17p a day!

boost your immune systm

Vitamin D3 is normally obtained from UV light, in the northern hemisphere we don’t get enough, particularly during Autumn and Winter to meet our requirements.


That is why Public Health UK recommend everyone takes Vitamin D supplements.

Your immune health journey

Let us support you on your health journey! 


We will give you a simple course of supplements formulated to work at the most effective dose and based on research evidence to boost and maintain your health.


We will keep you updated with the latest advice reviewed by our experts to make sure you are doing is effective to keep you motivated on your health journey. 

You reforest the world!

Working in partnership with Tree Nation, with every online order you make we pledge to plant a tree to help restore forests around the globe.


This is one of our commitments to ensure The Osteopaths does all it can to combat global warming and help ensure sustainable ecosystems that support wildlife and communities. Find out more here!


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