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Expectant mothers

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy. Osteopathy can help with this and many other problems associated with pregnancy such as leg pains, pelvic pain and pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. Treatment is safe for you and your baby.

Many expectant mothers come to us for treatment of problems caused by changes of posture or weight as well as previous musculoskeletal problems. Postnatal appointments can, for example, evaluate how your musculoskeletal system is functioning. Treatment and advice can be given to support you in returning to normal function.

Sports injuries

Osteopathy helps people who enjoy sport at all levels of involvement with joint pain; muscular aches, pains, strains, pulls; back pain; preparation for big events; stiffness and tension; managing problem areas and enhancing stretching regimes. This clinic is also suitable for dancers, actors and other professional performers.

Osteopathy is effective for the treatment and management of sport- and fitness-related injuries. It can help to alleviate the immediate symptoms of the injury and help the patient manage their recovery and return back to active participation in sport.

Osteopaths can work with the athlete in relation to their performance and long-term training goals. Osteopaths look at the relationship between muscle, limb and spine function, the potential underlying cause of symptoms and your lifestyle. By appreciating how these factors may interact they can make adjustments and recommendations to help prevent injury and help you achieve your goals safely.

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