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I’ve been unfortunate to have been in a couple of car accidents which have caused neck problems. I had treatment each time, but have been left with a legacy of ongoing stiffness and constriction. I came to see Teresa for upper back pain a few years ago. As a larger woman, with a bust to match, this was expected. But she found I also had a tendency for lax ligaments, which causes minor, ongoing discomfort. In particular, a rib on the right side doesn’t like staying where it should. So I go to get that sorted, and to get ‘cracked’ (as I affectionately call it!). Realigned. It works. It relieves discomfort and loosens my posture up.

To compliment the osteopathy, I also use the massage services available. If you go regularly, the therapist really gets to know your body – apart from a massage always feeling like a ‘treat’, we can focus on particular strains or tension I have at each visit, so it is thoroughly bespoke. With the ligament issue I have, I suffer regular strains and pulls so really benefit from flexible, monthly treatment. I see the whole package as a necessity, self-care that’s worth the investment.

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