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Eighteen months ago I had the misfortune of acquiring a trapped nerve in my lower back which caused me a great deal of pain not to mention the loss of mobility. I immediately arranged an appointment with a very good physiotherapist.

I had numerous appointments with the Physio but regrettably without improvement. After a short spell without any professional treatment I was recommended to an Osteopath, Teresa Harvey RGN BSc Hons (Ost). I made an immediate appointment with Teresa who, from ‘day one’ made a significant improvement in my mobility, plus a 90% reduction in the pain threshold.

It gives me pleasure to recommend Teresa to all who suffer from ‘joint pain’ as I believe totally that she will be able to ease your discomfiture. Teresa works every minute of all appointments so you can be assured that your problem will be professionally addressed.

When I first approached Teresa requesting an appointment, I arranged with her that I would ‘sign on’ for three appointments and that we would together discuss and agree whether to stop further attention or continue appointments until the problem was totally solved. After two appointments I decided that I would be continuing with weekly treatments until I was free of pain and greater mobility.

A trapped nerve is difficult to clear completely plus the pain that it causes. After numerous treatments I am pleased to say that I now have no pain whatsoever and that my mobility has infinitely improved.

I can unreservedly recommend Teresa Harvey’s treatments to all who have joint and pain problems. Teresa has certainly helped my pain and mobility problems.

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