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I had problems with my back going back 10 years after an injury, over the years it would lock and cause me pain for a few weeks, but the last 2 years this was more frequent and then basically constant pain, Sciatica started and got worse, to the point the pain was running down the back of my leg to my heel. My quality of life deteriorated, I couldn’t vacuum, mop floors, iron clothes, sit in the cinema/restaurant without being in agony. GP’s answer was painkillers and physiotherapy wasn’t helping either. My back was seizing up constantly, I couldn’t stand up straight after getting off a chair. Even moving the mouse on my desk would cause shooting pains in my lower back.

I decided I needed to find better help, and found Teresa Harvey at The Osteopaths. My first consultation lasted 1 hour 20 minutes, Teresa gave me my first treatment and I remember walking back to my car, straight and feeling so happy! Teresa told me the muscles down the left side of my spine were so taut they had tilted my pelvis. I went weekly for a couple of months, received acupuncture, deep muscle massaging and ‘back cracking’ Within 3 sessions the sciatica I had for a year was gone, my back muscles became loose, painfree, the stiffness went, and my mobility was amazing, my quality of life improved greatly.

I go regularly for an ‘MOT’ and I feel amazing, can do all the things I struggled with and don’t even think about my back anymore. The Osteopaths gave me back my life and I will always be grateful for that, and I would recommend to anyone struggling with painful joints or muscles to have a consultation with them, you won’t regret it, best money you could ever spend!

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