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I went to The Osteopaths at the end of my tether with pain in my shoulder and neck which had left me with a constant headache and pins and needles in my arm.

The day before I visited The Osteopaths I had been to my GP who had sent me for an X-ray. When it showed that there was nothing broken/damaged she prescribed me an addictive painkiller.

Knowing their had to be another option than taking painkillers, I called The Osteopaths.

From the outset, Teresa understood and was hands on, manipulating, massaging and treating the area with acupuncture. I had a few treatments in quick succession and the headaches were gone. A few months on and I no longer get pins and needles, the pain in my neck and shoulder has subsided, my posture is better, I sleep soundly and in general I move easier!

I couldn’t recommend The Osteopaths highly enough!

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