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I consulted Teresa Harvey at The Osteopaths after a couple of hours of research. I wanted to be sure I had found a very well respected and trusted practitioner in my local area. Teresa Harvey came highly recommended by her patients and peers. I tentatively made an appointment (being nervous about the whole process and unsure about the efficacy of osteopathy). The level of pain and discomfort I was feeling was enough for me to depart from the more traditional route of physiotherapy and the ensuing NHS waiting list. I was not at all disappointment in my choice. Within only an hour, I knew I had made the correct choice in Teresa. Teresa was funny, down to earth and such a very generous person.

I only required 3 sessions in all, during which I was made to feel incredibly safe and comforted. Teresa was not only incredibly understanding and professional, but an expert in her field. Seldom do you encounter such unassuming and genuinely caring professionals. Teresa made me feel very relaxed, whilst skilfully manipulating my neck and back, instantly easing my symptoms. The use of acupuncture also helped the pain and inflammation in my neck and back. I began to experience a range of movement that I didn’t think was possible. By the third session, I felt renewed mobility and increased energy levels. To complement the sessions, Teresa gave excellent advice around posture, behaviour, gait and workplace ergonomics. Not only that, she also furnished me with advice on stretching and supplementary materials which helped a great deal.

To anyone considering an Osteopath, please do not look further than Teresa Harvey.

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