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After my broken foot had healed and space boot removed, I discovered I couldn’t put the weight down on it or turn my foot without causing pain at my toes. Teresa Harvey told me the muscles down my leg had shrunk during recovery in space boot. She massaged the muscles down my leg to my ankle and after 1 session, I could walk fully on the foot with full rotation of it. I could not believe how easily Teresa fixed my problem! It was such a huge relief to walk on it again with no pain and have confidence the foot had fully healed. I can’t rate THE award winning Osteopaths highly enough.

Mrs Young, Balloch

At 47 years old I believed that my days of exercising were over, I had an injury to my knee which was affecting my hip and foot also. I had had the injury that long I had forgotten what had caused it. I also had a deep rooted fear that if I tried to exercise I would make the injury worse.

Teresa was recommended to me by a work colleague and on attending the Osteopaths, she never made any promises but agreed to work with me. I am glad to say that 6 months on, I am back to full fitness, attending exercise classes and personal training. Thanks for giving me my confidence back.

Jane, Police Officer

I had problems with my back going back 10 years after an injury, over the years it would lock and cause me pain for a few weeks, but the last 2 years this was more frequent and then basically constant pain, Sciatica started and got worse, to the point the pain was running down the back of my leg to my heel. My quality of life deteriorated, I couldn’t vacuum, mop floors, iron clothes, sit in the cinema/restaurant without being in agony. GP’s answer was painkillers and physiotherapy wasn’t helping either. My back was seizing up constantly, I couldn’t stand up straight after getting off a chair. Even moving the mouse on my desk would cause shooting pains in my lower back.

I decided I needed to find better help, and found Teresa Harvey at The Osteopaths. My first consultation lasted 1 hour 20 minutes, Teresa gave me my first treatment and I remember walking back to my car, straight and feeling so happy! Teresa told me the muscles down the left side of my spine were so taut they had tilted my pelvis. I went weekly for a couple of months, received acupuncture, deep muscle massaging and ‘back cracking’ Within 3 sessions the sciatica I had for a year was gone, my back muscles became loose, painfree, the stiffness went, and my mobility was amazing, my quality of life improved greatly.

I go regularly for an ‘MOT’ and I feel amazing, can do all the things I struggled with and don’t even think about my back anymore. The Osteopaths gave me back my life and I will always be grateful for that, and I would recommend to anyone struggling with painful joints or muscles to have a consultation with them, you won’t regret it, best money you could ever spend!

Linda, Erskine

Me and my daughter have been to several specialists for back and neck pain,some one recommended teresa to us,she is not only the most effective regarding pain relief she also put me at ease an listens to what u have to say which i find is not always the case.

I would highly recommend the osteopaths to anyone, many thanks

Mark Smith, Retired Pro Footballer

I consulted Teresa Harvey at The Osteopaths after a couple of hours of research. I wanted to be sure I had found a very well respected and trusted practitioner in my local area. Teresa Harvey came highly recommended by her patients and peers. I tentatively made an appointment (being nervous about the whole process and unsure about the efficacy of osteopathy). The level of pain and discomfort I was feeling was enough for me to depart from the more traditional route of physiotherapy and the ensuing NHS waiting list. I was not at all disappointment in my choice. Within only an hour, I knew I had made the correct choice in Teresa. Teresa was funny, down to earth and such a very generous person.

I only required 3 sessions in all, during which I was made to feel incredibly safe and comforted. Teresa was not only incredibly understanding and professional, but an expert in her field. Seldom do you encounter such unassuming and genuinely caring professionals. Teresa made me feel very relaxed, whilst skilfully manipulating my neck and back, instantly easing my symptoms. The use of acupuncture also helped the pain and inflammation in my neck and back. I began to experience a range of movement that I didn’t think was possible. By the third session, I felt renewed mobility and increased energy levels. To complement the sessions, Teresa gave excellent advice around posture, behaviour, gait and workplace ergonomics. Not only that, she also furnished me with advice on stretching and supplementary materials which helped a great deal.

To anyone considering an Osteopath, please do not look further than Teresa Harvey.

Nikki, IT Manager

Eighteen months ago I had the misfortune of acquiring a trapped nerve in my lower back which caused me a great deal of pain not to mention the loss of mobility. I immediately arranged an appointment with a very good physiotherapist.

I had numerous appointments with the Physio but regrettably without improvement. After a short spell without any professional treatment I was recommended to an Osteopath, Teresa Harvey RGN BSc Hons (Ost). I made an immediate appointment with Teresa who, from ‘day one’ made a significant improvement in my mobility, plus a 90% reduction in the pain threshold.

It gives me pleasure to recommend Teresa to all who suffer from ‘joint pain’ as I believe totally that she will be able to ease your discomfiture. Teresa works every minute of all appointments so you can be assured that your problem will be professionally addressed.

When I first approached Teresa requesting an appointment, I arranged with her that I would ‘sign on’ for three appointments and that we would together discuss and agree whether to stop further attention or continue appointments until the problem was totally solved. After two appointments I decided that I would be continuing with weekly treatments until I was free of pain and greater mobility.

A trapped nerve is difficult to clear completely plus the pain that it causes. After numerous treatments I am pleased to say that I now have no pain whatsoever and that my mobility has infinitely improved.

I can unreservedly recommend Teresa Harvey’s treatments to all who have joint and pain problems. Teresa has certainly helped my pain and mobility problems.

Douglas Rae, Chairman Morton FC

I went to The Osteopaths at the end of my tether with pain in my shoulder and neck which had left me with a constant headache and pins and needles in my arm.

The day before I visited The Osteopaths I had been to my GP who had sent me for an X-ray. When it showed that there was nothing broken/damaged she prescribed me an addictive painkiller.

Knowing their had to be another option than taking painkillers, I called The Osteopaths.

From the outset, Teresa understood and was hands on, manipulating, massaging and treating the area with acupuncture. I had a few treatments in quick succession and the headaches were gone. A few months on and I no longer get pins and needles, the pain in my neck and shoulder has subsided, my posture is better, I sleep soundly and in general I move easier!

I couldn’t recommend The Osteopaths highly enough!

Louise, Police Officer
Craig, London

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