At The Osteopaths we recognise the evidence that recommends the use of exercise as part of a programme of recovery in musculoskeletal injuries.

Therefore we make use of exercise both for rehabilitation of patients after injury and for injury prevention when we think it is appropriate.

Exercises are individualised to your needs and formulated by your osteopath with your pain and postural issues in mind. However, we realize that people with busy schedules may not have a great deal of time to dedicate to going to a gym. We make use of exercises designed to fit around you; things that you can do easily at home or even at work, and we supply clear instructions, pictures and videos to help you get the exercises right first time and every time so as to improve your chances of getting better faster.

We offer personalised visual tools in the form of an online exercise programme explaining and demonstrating the various exercises. Clients can thus visualise the prescribed movements and their sequence, as they are clearly illustrated either with video clips or photos. They can access these exercises any time they like or print off the programme for reference. The osteopath can update these programmes as the client’s rehabilitation progresses so that at all times you are receiving the best care possible.

One of the keys to good recovery is a return to activity as soon as it is possible. When you are ready your osteopath will help you to return to the activities that you enjoy in a controlled fashion so that you can get on with your life.

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Treatments We Offer

Back pain, neck pain, Shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, headaches, upper back pain, sports injuries, work related injuries, ergonomic assessment, acupuncture.

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