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Before you come

Before you come to our clinic you may have questions you would like to ask, such as what to wear or what treatment involves. To help you prepare we have a simple animated video on our website (https:// theosteopaths.org.uk/patient-resources/) that provides you with some simple prompts to help you decide if you want to speak in more detail with us before you come. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page that can provide more information on what to expect.

All our practitioners have recognised qualifications and registered with the appropriate governing bodies, ensuring that you can trust in their ability to treat you safely and effectively.

When you arrive at our clinic, our friendly receptionist will welcome you and deal with any initial administration or questions you may have.

During your first appointment

As practitioners we will spend 1 hour with you on your first appointment. Well will take a full medical history of both your current symptoms and any medication you are taking. Sometimes it can help if you write down this information before you come so you can recall it more easily. We record and hold this information securely and confidentially and will help determine the type of examinations your practitioner will undertake.

Once we’ve reviewed our initial thoughts with you, with your consent, we will undertake a thorough examination, asking you to perform movements and activities to observe your posture and mobility.

To help us with this it we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing you feel comfortable in, or, gym type clothing such as shorts, leggings and T shirts and we may be ask you to partially undress if necessary.

We will discuss treatment goals and expectations with you. We will explain what we think treatment should be able to achieve, and agree with you a treatment plan, including the likely number of sessions needed for improvement in how you feel.

Typically, we might need to see you weekly. We will be able to quickly assess whether you are responding to treatment and how many further appointments you may need. On average patients typically have 3 to 4 sessions to resolve their problems but at times they may need more or fewer.

Treatment is normally hands-on and involves skilled manipulation of the spine and joints, and massage of soft tissues. Sometimes we may recommend acupuncture and low – level laser therapy. We will explain what they are doing throughout the process, will explain any treatment risk and always gain consent for treatment on an ongoing basis.

After your appointment

We give online videos of exercises and stretches for every patient to make sure you get the most out of your appointments and to empower you to help you manage your problem, so you are not dependent on treatment.

Further information

We have lots more information on our website that might help you. Please feel free to visit our blog pages, frequently asked questions and staff information to help you understand what to expect

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